FunMUN is back by popular demand!

Participation in this competition places Queensland students, from Years 9 -12, in the shoes of United Nations countries in a Model-UN format. Students debate fun topics – such as meme culture, social media, and space militarisation – in the format of a committee debate.

FunMUN is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop diplomacy and negotiation skills, without the pressure of a competitive environment. Above all else, FunMUN is designed for students with varying interests, experiences, and abilities. No previous knowledge of international affairs, or MUN debating, is required.

In 2020, FunMUN is moving online, meaning you can participate in debates from the comfort of your bedroom! Stay tuned to this page, or any of our social media platforms to be notified when registrations open.

How FunMUN works

Students get to represent a country in a classic MUN-style debate, but with a twist.
Instead of debating the harsh complexities of water shortages in developing nations, or the sobering challenges surrounding child soldiers, students will be involved in more light-hearted resolutions. This puts the emphasis on students enjoying their time in MUN chambers, and developing their skills in an environment where they aren’t literally being judged. Students will represent a country by themselves, rather than in pairs like with our Evatt Trophy Competition.


More information and tips about how to prepare and the rules of MUN can be found on the National Evatt website. However, please remember that as this is not a competition, no high level of preparation is expected, and students will not be judged for the way they participate during FunMUN.

Remember, the best way to become familiar with the MUN rules of procedure is to give it a go! First-timers usually get the hang of MUN by the second round of debate, and seasoned MUN debaters love the opportunity to debate about memes!

Further Information

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our President, Kristine Hoie, at qldpres.lantn.cn

If you would like a FunMUN or MUN style event held at your school, please contact our Education Director, Ashlee Greenhalgh, at ashlee.greenhalgh@lantn.cn and she can arrange a visit to your exact specifications!

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